How to Win the Lottery

Imagine winning 365 million dollars in the lottery, like a group ofWork at Home Jobs - The Benefits and Drawbacks. Read more ... » co-workers at a Nebraska meat processing plant. What would you spend the money on? A house? A new sports car? A private island? Well, winning the standard lottery jackpot isIdea for small business - How to Get Started With Video Marketing for Your Small Business. Read more ... » not as hard as you think. Just pick 6 numbers, and play them every week forIdea for small business - How to Get Started With Video Marketing for Your Small Business. Read more ... » around 250,000 years. That’s is how long it takes for your to be statistically expected to have won 1 jackpot.

If that is to long for you to wait, try buying more tickets. Buy 2 tickets a week and you only will have to wait 125,000 years. Buy 10 and you’ll only have to 25,000 years. While the chances are good that you’ll have won after that many years, you’re not guaranteed. And, if you do finally win, you’ll probably have to share the jackpot with several other people.

You’ll also have to wait to get your share of the jackpot. The lottery company will slowly pay you out over up to 40 years. Oh, and your payments may be subject to income tax. Once you finally have your winnings in your bank account, there is a good chance you will blow it all very quickly. It is said that up to 80% of the lottery winners in the USA file for bankruptcy within five years.

set="43" sizcache="0">Ok, so this may all sound very depressing, but the point is that you shouldn’t worry about how to win the lotteryHow to Win the Lottery - Picking the Winning Lotto Numbers. Read more ... », you should be more concerned with having fun and making sure you invest your lottery winnings wisely. Or, if you still can’t get over your dream of winning the lotteryHow To Win The Lottery - 5 Tips. Read more ... », visit my site and have a look at my lottery software. It will help you to pick your lotto numbers more intelligently.

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